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Pura Lempuyang door in Bali, Indonesia


Pura Lempuyang door in Bali, Indonesia

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From 29 Satellie Photos That Will Change Your Perspective On Planet Earth

1. 53.0066°N 7.1920°E. Bourtange is a village with a population of 430 in the municipality of Vlagtwedde in the Netherlands. The star fort was built in 1593 during the Eighty Years’ War when William I of Orange wanted to control the only road between Germany and the city of Groningen. Bourtange was restored to its mid-18th-century state in 1960 and is currently used as an open-air museum.

2. 40°46’56”N; 73°57’55”W. Central Park in New York City spans 843 acres. That’s 6% of the island of Manhattan.

3. 41°23′27″N 2°09′47″E. Barcelona, Spain.

4. 5°26′15″N 12°20′9″E. Venice, Italy

5. 31.079844, -97.80145. In 2013, there were 923,400 home construction projects in the United States. Killeen, Texas.

6. 36.211001, -115.266914. The Desert Shores Community in Las Vegas, Nevada contains 3,351 units and four man-made lakes. Las Vegas, Nevada

7. 25°50′17″N 50°36′18″E. Durrat Al Bahrain will consist of 15 connected, artificial islands (including six atolls, five fish-shaped, and two crescent-shaped). Construction costs are estimated at $6 billion and the project is slated for completion in mid-2015. Bahrain.

8. 5°40′S 52°44′W. Clearcutting operations in the Amazon Rainforest of Para, Brazil branch out from one of the state’s central roads. Pará, Brazil.

9. 32.170890°N 110.855184°W. Tucson, Arizona.

10. 36.78234°N 2.74315°W. Plasticulture refers to the practice of using plastic materials in agricultural applications. This is visible in the plains and valleys of Almeria, Spain where nearly 20,000 hectares are covered by these greenhouse structures. Almeria, Spain

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which country has the most birds



thats a language


nice recovery

don’t you mean nice redovery

turkey, how did we miss turkey

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What did the cat say to the dog?

cats don’t talk


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Anonymous said: I have a confession to make…olive you


Do not

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Andalusia, Spain by Zú Sánchez
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I Don’t Know How Much Vodka I Put In This But I’m Going To Drink It Anyways: a memoir

This drink tastes awful, but I can’t waste alcohol: a sequel

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a man couldn’t get a woman to touch his dick, so he shot people, like, that’s an actual thing that has occurred in the year 2014. we can put people on the moon, but we can’t teach boys that they aren’t entitled to a woman’s body. 

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